Measurement made easy

The Digital Dynamometer EasyForce The Digital Dynamometer EasyForce

The Digital Dynamometer EasyForce

Measurement made easy

Measure More Pack Measure More Pack

Measure More Pack

Measurement made easy

The Digital Goniometer EasyAngle The Digital Goniometer EasyAngle

The Digital Goniometer EasyAngle

Measurement made easy



EasyAngle is more than a Digital Goniometer. It also functions as a Digital Inclinometer, Scoliometer, BROM and CROM. We would like to show you how simple it is to use EasyAngle to make fast and accurate measurements.



EasyForce is a Digital Dynamometer that takes the guess work out of muscle manual muscle testing. We would like to show you how simple it is to use EasyForce to make fast and accurate measurements.



The EasyForce Performance is a state-of-the-art digital dynamometer featuring a peak force capacity of 300 Kg (2942 N). This pull-type dynamometer is specifically designed to evaluate strength generated in compound, multi-joint movements.

Two devices – many applications
Everything can be measured

In the world of physical therapy, the subjective eyeballing for range of motion as well as feeling for muscle strength is being replaced by tools to provide quantified measurements. The shift has been slow due to the available plastic tools which were cumbersome to use and often hard to read. These plastic devices are being replaced by digital versions.EasyAngle has an advantage over smartphone applications and simple plastic tools due to it having went trough rigorous testing procedures mandated by medical device industry , thereby assuring its safety, efficacy and the intended use.. EasyForce is being used to replace traditional “push” style devices that require the physical therapists to counteract the force being produced by the patient which, over time, can contribute to injury of the therapist. These tools are allowing physical therapists quantify their efforts.Of course these measurement are not limited to physical therapy. There are many additional applications that benefit from the use of the EasyAngle and EasyForce devices. Whether you are an orthopaedic surgeon, an chiropractor, veterinarian working with animal rehabilitation, these devices can help you to quantify your measurements.


Quantifying joint measurement in pediatrics.

Measuring range of motion in babies and small children is quite a challenge when using traditional measuring tools. Tiny joints in themselves can be challenging to measure, and when you add the child's impatience, the difficulty is increase. EasyAngle is unique in that for offering a clear alignment guide with a black line that can be lined up with even the tiniest of joints.  The single handed use keeps a hand free to support the baby/child with the doctor getting the measurement in just two short clicks. The clear number on the screen can be shown to parents helping engage them in their child’s rehabilitation. Time is saved to focus on treatment of the injuries, and the ability to quickly measure every joint in every direction allows you to take continual measurements throughout the child’s complete rehabilitation. Place the power of science in the palm of your hands!


Producing fast, accurate ROM measurements

A digital goniometer for orthopedics proves to be a very useful tool, especially from a time saving perspective. Orthopedic surgeons work on average 60 hours per week sometimes seeing 30+ patients in a single day, which makes time a limiting factor. Orthopedics rely on the ability to measure range of motion both pre and post surgery.
Traditional tools are time consuming and difficult to read. EasyAngle empowers the Orthopedic surgeon to take measurements in just two simple clicks. Cervical rotation, flexion, lordosis, kyphosis and even scoliosis can be measured quickly and efficiently.Place the power of science in the palm of your hands!


Empowering veterinarians to quantify range of motion

A veterinary goniometer is a powerful tool in the hands of a veterinarian working with animal rehabilitation. Pet owners are going to increasingly far lengths to care for their animals and this has resulted in a rise in animal rehabilitation centres offering physiotherapy for dogs and cats. When a pet is injured, veterinarians typically need to anaesthetise them to properly assess their range of motion. This adds unnecessary cost and risk when making an assessment. EasyAngle leaves one hand free to support the animal while taking the measurement in just two clicks. The alignment guides make it easy to measure the range of movement in small breeds.
The EasyAngle veterinary goniometer allows a variety of range of motion assessments, spanning from the most common flexion and extension measurements of all joints, to the less common rotation measurements, such as neck rotation, as well as the curvature of the spine.  The ability to accurately assess animals using the veterinary goniometer helps with identification of relevant treatment and with rehabilitation following surgery. Consequently, the pet owner is motivated to carry out the rehabilitation program and the results are clearly quantifiable.
The practice of “eye-balling” to assess range of motion is still commonplace, however, this is slowly changing. With the veterinary goniometer, there is no need to estimate as you will receive a measurement accurate to within one degree in just two clicks. The device has an inertial measurement unit allowing you to measure against absolute zero. You don’t need to follow the limb when taking a measurement as the veterinary goniometer remembers the plane in which you are measuring. Just start your measurement, help the animal come to their full range, use one hand to hold that range and bring the veterinary goniometer back with the other.Place the power of science in the palm of your hands by using our EasyAngle veterinary goniometer!

Physical Therapy

Placing science in the palm of your hands

 physical therapy goniometer is a powerful tool when in the hands of a physical therapist. Physical Therapy is globally recognized health profession for rehabilitation after an injury or surgery. There is a rising need to quantify the impact of treatments and to track patient status, particularly in cases involving insurance claims. With traditional measurement tools, the process of measuring range of motion was complicated and required multiple devices depending on the joint being measured. The EasyAngle changes the game by providing one device to measure all joints in all planes.Replacing five traditional devices – goniometer (large and small), inclinometer, scoliometer, BROM and CROM, measuring couldn’t be easier with the EasyAngle goniometer – one device to rule them all! This digital goniometer is particularly useful when measuring the spine where you can use it to measure flexion, extension, side bending and rotation quickly and easily. It can also be used to find the cobb angle on a scoliosis. The physical therapy goniometer can also be used to measure the scapula in all three orthogonal planes, something that was hard to do before.The EasyAngle  empowers physical therapists to measure any joint in any direction. Measurements are accurate to within 1° and requires only a single hand to use, leaving the therapist with a hand free to support the patient. The measurement is available in two clicks and the easy to read display provides a valuable opportunity to involve the patient in their own treatment. The EasyAngle physical therapy goniometer is backed by clinical evidence and used by physiotherapists in over twenty countries globally.A digital dynamometer further enhances physical therapy by enabling the physical therapist to quantify muscle force production. EasyForce offers the therapist the opportunity to remove themselves from the equation when taking muscle force measurements, ensuring accuracy and reducing the risk of therapist injury from counterbalancing patient produced muscle force.Place the power of science in the palm of your hands by using the EasyAngle and EasyForce to quantify your patients progress!

Personal Trainers

Digitization of personal training services

As a personal trainer assessing the clients current status and progress over time is could be optimized by using Easyforce and EasyAngle. You can easily evaluate the clients’ range of motion giving them valuable data to help them achieve their goals. You can also ensure that your clients are performing the exercises in the right way, by measuring the degree of their joint mobility in which they perform the exercise. This can be done in order to not over strain the joint, or motivate the client to expand their range of motion in certain exercises, proving that they can go beyond their perceived limits.EasyAngle also allows effective quantification of the body’s postural alignment in which the exercises are performed, making sure that the clients don’t overuse one side of their body more than the other. With the help of EasyAngle you can therefore make sure that your clients perform the exercises in the correct manner, giving them long-term benefits and minimizing the risk for injury.Place the power of science in the palm of your hands!

Chiropractor and Osteopath

Quantify improvements in an instant

Many of the adjustments performed by Chiropractors and Osteopaths result in instant improvements in range of motion and improved muscle force.
The ability to quickly quantify the status before and after adjustment empowers the therapist and engages the patient. The ability to objectively track patient status as they progress through rehabilitation empowers the therapist to clearly show the results. EasyAngle and EasyForce have been conveniently designed to fit into a pocket, allowing the therapist to easily measure both prior to and after the chiropractic manoeuvres. Single-handed use leaves you one hand free for assisting the patient to reach their maximum range of motion and produce maximum muscle force.With the ability to measure all joints in all directions, as well as assessing muscle force production, there are endless assessment possibilities. Both devices provide an easy to read display providing a valuable opportunity to involve patients, thus increasing engagement and potentially improving the outcome. Inter-rater issues that were typical with traditional measuring tools have been solved by the use of EasyAngle. This is a benefit to larger clinics where consistent measurements can be achieved regardless of the therapist, allowing a more flexible work environment.Place the power of science in the palm of your hands!

Occupational therapists

Accurate measurement of body and equipment

Occupational therapists are tasked with measuring range of motion on the body and with measuring environmental aspects of the patients life such as ergonomics within the home or office and even wheelchair fit. EasyAngle allows the therapist to use the same device for body and environmental measurements. With accuracy to within one degree, the therapist can make precise adjustments that empower the patient.
Objectivity in measuring adjustments and therapeutic progress is simplified by EasyAngle. With the convenient design to fit a pocket, EasyAngle allows the therapist to easily perform assessments in clinic, at the office or in the patients home. The unique ability to measure flexion and rotation in both small and large joints makes this a great tool for Occupational therapists. The ability to measure against absolute zero is ideally suited to optimising ergonomics set-up.
Place the power of science in the palm of your hands!

Sports Performance & Rehab

Empowering athletes for optimal performance

Whether you are working with elite or amateur athletes, helping to improve performance or to rehabilitate following injury, EasyAngle can give you the edge. With precision accuracy within one degree and a high inter and intra-rater reliability, you will be empowered to quantify their baseline and progress with ease. At the highest level of competition, very small changes can mean the difference between winning or losing. EasyAngle can help to provide insights into changes to normal range of motion which could assist in identifying weakness and potential injury. The device allows you to measure all joints in all directions giving you valuable data to assist in helping your client achieve their goals.
Place the power of science in the palm of your hands!



Our vision is to be the leader in innovative integrated motion analysis systems that empower movement and rehabilitation professionals in taking health and performance of their clients to the next level.

Our mission is to earn customer trust through excellent support as well as to foster an innovative culture with a committed team of individuals of diverse skills and backgrounds.

Measurement for Motivation

Measurement for Motivation

Supporting patient progress

One of the biggest benefits of using the EasyAngle digital goniometer is the ability to easily and quantifiably communicate patient status. The number is easily readable on-screen allowing the patient to see the difference in range of motion between opposite joints. The speed of use allows for measurements at each patient visit so they can see the impact of their consistent efforts.

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