Empowering veterinarians to quantify range of motion

A veterinary goniometer is a powerful tool in the hands of a veterinarian working with animal rehabilitation. Pet owners are going to increasingly far lengths to care for their animals and this has resulted in a rise in animal rehabilitation centres offering physiotherapy for dogs and cats. When a pet is injured, veterinarians typically need to anaesthetise them to properly assess their range of motion. This adds unnecessary cost and risk when making an assessment. EasyAngle leaves one hand free to support the animal while taking the measurement in just two clicks. The alignment guides make it easy to measure the range of movement in small breeds.

The EasyAngle veterinary goniometer allows a variety of range of motion assessments, spanning from the most common flexion and extension measurements of all joints, to the less common rotation measurements, such as neck rotation, as well as the curvature of the spine.  The ability to accurately assess animals using the veterinary goniometer helps with identification of relevant treatment and with rehabilitation following surgery. Consequently, the pet owner is motivated to carry out the rehabilitation program and the results are clearly quantifiable.

The practice of “eye-balling” to assess range of motion is still commonplace, however, this is slowly changing. With the veterinary goniometer, there is no need to estimate as you will receive a measurement accurate to within one degree in just two clicks. The device has an inertial measurement unit allowing you to measure against absolute zero. You don’t need to follow the limb when taking a measurement as the veterinary goniometer remembers the plane in which you are measuring. Just start your measurement, help the animal come to their full range, use one hand to hold that range and bring the veterinary goniometer back with the other.

Place the power of science in the palm of your hands by using our EasyAngle veterinary goniometer!


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