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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered below, please contact us.
I have tried to purchase EasyAngle on this website but it does not ship to my location. What can I do?
How long is the product warranty on EasyAngle?
What is covered in the EasyAngle warranty?
Do I have to follow the limb being measured as I make the measurement?
There is a strange image with an exclamation mark showing on my display, what is wrong?
Why is my display showing bubbles?
My EasyAngle is not responding, what can I do?
How do I set the plane of measurement with the device?
I made a mistake when measuring and would like to measure again. Can I delete the previous measurement?
Why are there two angles displayed on screen?
How can I take a simple measurement?
How do I turn on EasyAngle?
Is calibration required?
Can I get a calibration certificate?
The metal piece in the middle of the device is a bit loose, do I need to fix it?
I am applying force during a measurement but the timer does not start, what is wrong?
Why does the timer always start at 0.5 s?
I would like to change the measurement unit, is that possible?
EasyForce does not react when I start applying force in measurement mode, what is wrong?
Can I repair my unit?
How long is the warranty period?
My unit is broken, who do I contact?
I typically perform manual muscle testing using my hands, why do I need an EasyForce?
Have you completed any clinical studies for EasyForce?
I accidentally applied more than 150 kg/331 lbs/1471N and got the overload warning. Is my unit damaged?
How can I delete measurements from the history view?
How does EasyForce work?
Is EasyForce a medical device?