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I have tried to purchase EasyAngle on this website but it does not ship to my location. What can I do?

If we do not provide shipping to your country from, you can search for a distributor in your country from this page. If you do not see your country listed, please contact us and we will arrange a special shipment.

How long is the product warranty on EasyAngle?

Standard warranty is one year, however; you get one additional years warranty if you register your device.

What is covered in the EasyAngle warranty?

The EasyAngle warranty covers factory defects which include faulty display, charging and battery issues. The warranty does not cover wear and tear and accidental damage caused by the user.

Do I have to follow the limb being measured as I make the measurement?

No. Once you start the measurement, you can set the device to one side or place it in your pocket as you help the patient come to their max range of motion for the joint being measured. You then take the device and align it with the devices end range before clicking the large turquoise button to complete the measurement. You can watch many examples of how to do this on our YouTube channel.

There is a strange image with an exclamation mark showing on my display, what is wrong?
An exclamation mark accompanied by an image of the device is a bump warning. This denotes that the device has been bumped or moved too fast during the measurement causing an acceleration error. This will abort the measurement. You will need to restart your measurement if you get this warning.
An exclamation mark accompanied by an image of an hourglass is a timeout warning. This denotes that the measurement has taken more than one minute. This will abort the measurement. You will need to restart your measurement if you get this warning.
Why is my display showing bubbles?
When you are taking a measurement, the display will show bubbles if you move outside of your plane of measurement. This feature helps to ensure you take accurate measurements each and every time. Just move back into your plane of measurement and the bubbles will disappear with your measurement once again being displayed.
My EasyAngle is not responding, what can I do?

If your EasyAngle freezes or becomes unresponsive, you may need to do a hard reset. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds to do this. When you release the power button, the device should reset and you will see some small numbers briefly displayed on the screen before it returns to your measurement history display. If a hard reset does not work, contact us and we will troubleshoot further.

How do I set the plane of measurement with the device?
The plane of measurement is dictated by the type of flexion or rotation you are measuring. You can watch a number of videos on our YouTube channel that show how to set the plane for different measurements. What is important to note is that EasyAngle measures rotations around the grip, as shown in the image. Only perform your measurement where the device is rotated accordingly. You should not perform more than one full rotation of the device during measurement.
I made a mistake when measuring and would like to measure again. Can I delete the previous measurement?
Yes. If you need to delete your last measurement, you should go to your history view where you can see your last five measurements. Measurements are deleted from newest to oldest. Press the delete button which is beneath the display on the right side.
The latest measurement will now be highlighted for deletion. You will see a cross and check on the display above the power and delete buttons. To delete the measurement, click the delete button again. If you do not wish to delete the measurement, just press the power button to return to the standard history view.
Why are there two angles displayed on screen?
The device always displays two angles, the sum of which equals 180°. The larger of the two numbers displays the actual angle that the EasyAngle has measured. The smaller number which displays beneath the measurement is the supplementary angle, which is 180° minus the actual angle.
How can I take a simple measurement?
Contact the EasyAngle Team

Step 1

Press the large turquoise button to enter measurement mode. You will see a flashing zero on the screen. This lets you know you are read to select your plane of measurement.

Contact the EasyAngle Team

Step 2

Align the device with the first limb and then press the button again to start measuring. Ensure that your patient does not move during measurement.

Contact the EasyAngle Team

Step 3

Align the device with the second limb and press the button to end the measurement. The angle is calculated and shown on the display along with an arc that visualises the direction of the angle.

Contact the EasyAngle Team

Step 4

Press the large turquoise button again to view the measured angle together with the previous four measurements.

How do I turn on EasyAngle?
To power on EasyAngle, press the power button on the left beneath the display.


Is calibration required?

No, factory calibration is done during production and this guarantees an accuracy of 1% in the measurement range (0 – 150 kg). Meloq offers a calibration validation service including a calibration certificate. Please contact us or your local vendor for more information.

Can I get a calibration certificate?

Yes, calibration validation services including a certificate can be purchased.

The metal piece in the middle of the device is a bit loose, do I need to fix it?

This is not a fault, it is by design. The metal piece in the device is the force sensor and this needs to be able to move freely to give accurate measurements.

I am applying force during a measurement but the timer does not start, what is wrong?

EasyForce is designed not to start the measurement timer until the force exceeds 0.5 kg. To measure forces below 0.5 kg please start the measurement manually by pressing the main button when in measurement mode.

Why does the timer always start at 0.5 s?

EasyForce does not start the measurement timer until a force of more than 0.5 kg has been applied for more than 0.5 seconds. This is to avoid “false” starts. However EasyForce will register the force during those 0.5 seconds, so if the peak force occurs before 0.5 seconds it will be accurately recorded.

I would like to change the measurement unit, is that possible?

You can easily change measurement unit between kg, lbs and N by following the steps listed below which are also covered on YouTube:

  1. Turn the device off.
  2. Press and hold the main button.
  3. Press the on/off button.
  4. Select desired measurement unit by pressing the main button
  5. Confirm selection by pressing the on/off button. 

The device will remember your choice, all previous measurements shown in the history view will also be translated to the new measurement unit.

EasyForce does not react when I start applying force in measurement mode, what is wrong?

This may be caused by the device being put under tension when you enter measurement mode. Please make sure the device is not put under any tension when you enter measurement mode (by pressing the main button when in history mode). When you press the main button in history mode to enter measurement mode the device will perform a tare and define the current load as 0. So if you are applying, e.g. 2 kg when you enter measurement mode and then remove the force, the device will not record any force until you have applied more than 2 kg.

Can I repair my unit?

Please do not attempt to repair your EasyForce as this may void the warranty. Contact us or your local vendor if you are experiencing any issues.

How long is the warranty period?

EasyForce comes with a one year warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty can be extended by one year to a total of two years by registering your unit here.

My unit is broken, who do I contact?

Please contact your vendor for service related questions. If you purchased the unit directly from us you can contact us directly.

I typically perform manual muscle testing using my hands, why do I need an EasyForce?

EasyForce will enable you to accurately quantify measurements which can help to to optimize patient care.  The hands free measurement capability also helps to spare your body from high loads during assessment. 

As the measurements made with EasyForce are objective as well as quantitative you can easily show your patient their status as hard numbers on a screen during treatment. It will also be easy to compare an injured and not injured side of the body and follow progress during the treatment. Also, showing a lack of strength is a good way to increase motivation for patients that are pain free. 

EasyForce is also designed to be attached for fixed points which means you do not need to hold against the patient. This both increases the measurement quality and also decreases the risk of you getting injured.

Have you completed any clinical studies for EasyForce?

Although clinical studies have begun, none have been completed and the majority of ongoing studies are paused due to the pandemic. We will share details of studies as they are completed.

I accidentally applied more than 150 kg/331 lbs/1471N and got the overload warning. Is my unit damaged?

When you overload the unit, you will see an overload warning on the screen combined with a continuous beep.

The unit is designed to withstand the maximum force with 10% margin so if the force is below that it’s fine. Please contact your vendor if you suspect the device has been subjected for a force over 165 kg/364 lbs/1618 N. 

Please take care not to subject the device to overload to prevent damage. The device will emit a continuous beep when subjected to overload and a warning symbol will blink on the screen. When you notice any of this please stop applying force immediately. Units damaged by overload are not covered by the warranty.

How can I delete measurements from the history view?

To delete measurements from the history view, press the delete button once to highlight the measurement and again to delete the measurement.

EasyForce Delete from history

How does EasyForce work?

EasyForce sits between the patient and a fixed anchor point to take a measurement. The steps required to complete a measurement are shown in this EasyForce Explained Video. You can also view the image below for details on how to complete a measurement. There are many videos on our YouTube channel showing how to take specific measurements with the device.

Is EasyForce a medical device?

Yes, EasyForce is CE-marked as a Class 1 medical device according to MDR Regulation (EU) 2017/745 and listed at FDA as a Class 2 medical device.


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