EasyAngle Digital Goniometer

Quantifying physiotherapy has never been as easy as it is with the EasyAngle!

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  • EasyAngle is more than a Digital Goniometer. It functions as an Inclinometer, Scoliometer, measures Trunk/ Back Range of Motion (BROM), Cervical Range of Motion (CROM) and Scapular mobility. We would like to show you how simple it is to use EasyAngle to make fast and accurate measurements. For this reason, we have arranged a number of interactive sessions where you can come online to see a demonstration. This is an ideal opportunity to ask any open questions you may have. To book a session, just click on the button below and select a date that works for you in our calendar.
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EasyAngle Digital Goniometer

One Device to Replace Goniometer, Inclinometer, Scoilometer, BROM and CROM

Range of motion has traditionally been assessed using plastic tools, such as goniometers, inclinometers and other devices that require the use of both hands or are often difficult to read. In many cases, this has led to Physiotherapists making “eyeball” assessments or guessing, rather than accurately quantifying a patient’s true range of motion. The lack of quantification has led to Physiotherapy being viewed as less scientific in some countries. When we developed EasyAngle, it was with the goal of making it the stethoscope of Physiotherapists! In two simple clicks you can take accurate reliable measurements for a variety of joints, including the trunk and cervical spine. In addition, you can measure the Cobb angle when treating a patient with scoliosis and utilize EasyAngle’s inertial measurement capabilities to measure all three orthogonal planes of the scapula.

Five Devices replaced by EasyAngle

  • Goniometer


    Plastic – 10$

    Digital – 400$

  • Inclinometer


    Plastic – 70$

    Digital – 350$

  • Scoliometer


    Plastic – 40$

    Digital – n/a

  • BROM


    Plastic – 415$

    Digital – n/a

  • CROM


    Plastic – 420$

    Digital – n/a

  • Videos demonstrating Digital Goniometer Usage

Measurement for Motivation

Encouraging patient progress

One of the biggest benefits of using the EasyAngle digital goniometer is the ability to easily and quantifiably communicate patient status. The number is easily readable on-screen allowing the patient to see the difference in range of motion between opposite joints. The speed of use allows for measurements at each patient visit so they can see the impact of their consistent efforts.

EasyAngle Digital Goniometer

EasyAngle Digital Goniometer

Digital Goniometer – Clinical Evidence

EasyAngle is a digital goniometer and inclinometer supported by clinical evidence. Many reliability studies have been performed comparing EasyAngle to traditional goniometer, inclinometer and BROM. EasyAngle has also been tested against video systems for measuring scapula mobility. In all cases, EasyAngle has performed well and was even reported to be better than the gold standard for measurement of cervical range of motion (CROM device).

With many studies completed and more underway, you can rest assured that you are using a device that confirms to the highest clinical standards. Insurance companies often require accurate measurements when assessing claims. With EasyAngle, the process of taking these measurements is fast, consistent and reliable.

  • Reliability for Knee ROM

    Svensson M, Lind V, Löfgren Harringe M.,Karolinska Institutet (2018)

  • Validity and Reliability for Hip ROM

    Karin Fröjd,
    University of Uppsala (2016)

  • Usability and Reliability for Cervical Rotation

    Sebastian Köcker,
    Universitätsklinikum Freiburg (2017)

  • Reliability for Straight Leg Lift Test

    Emilie Brinkeback & Emma Lundqvist,Karolinska Institute (2015)

  • Reliability for Measuring Scapular Mobility

    Silverson OA, Cascia NG, Hettrich CM, Heebner NR, Uhl TL
    University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY (2019)


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