Chiropractor /Osteopath

Chiropractor / Osteopath

Quantify improvements in an instant

Many of the adjustments performed by Chiropractors and Osteopaths result in instant improvements in range of motion and improved muscle force. The ability to quickly quantify the status before and after adjustment empowers the therapist and engages the patient. The ability to objectively track patient status as they progress through rehabilitation empowers the therapist to clearly show the results. EasyAngle and EasyForce have been conveniently designed to fit into a pocket, allowing the therapist to easily measure both prior to and after the chiropractic manoeuvres. Single-handed use leaves you one hand free for assisting the patient to reach their maximum range of motion and produce maximum muscle force.

With the ability to measure all joints in all directions, as well as assessing muscle force production, there are endless assessment possibilities. Both devices provide an easy to read display providing a valuable opportunity to involve patients, thus increasing engagement and potentially improving the outcome. Inter-rater issues that were typical with traditional measuring tools have been solved by the use of EasyAngle. This is a benefit to larger clinics where consistent measurements can be achieved regardless of the therapist, allowing a more flexible work environment.

Place the power of science in the palm of your hands!


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