Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Placing science in the palm of your hands

A physical therapy goniometer is a powerful tool when in the hands of a physical therapist. Physical Therapy is globally recognized health profession for rehabilitation after an injury or surgery. There is a rising need to quantify the impact of treatments and to track patient status, particularly in cases involving insurance claims. With traditional measurement tools, the process of measuring range of motion was complicated and required multiple devices depending on the joint being measured. The EasyAngle changes the game by providing one device to measure all joints in all planes.

Replacing five traditional devices – goniometer (large and small), inclinometer, scoliometer, BROM and CROM, measuring couldn’t be easier with the EasyAngle goniometer – one device to rule them all! This digital goniometer is particularly useful when measuring the spine where you can use it to measure flexion, extension, side bending and rotation quickly and easily. It can also be used to find the cobb angle on a scoliosis. The physical therapy goniometer can also be used to measure the scapula in all three orthogonal planes, something that was hard to do before.

The EasyAngle  empowers physical therapists to measure any joint in any direction. Measurements are accurate to within 1° and requires only a single hand to use, leaving the therapist with a hand free to support the patient. The measurement is available in two clicks and the easy to read display provides a valuable opportunity to involve the patient in their own treatment. The EasyAngle physical therapy goniometer is backed by clinical evidence and used by physiotherapists in over twenty countries globally.

A digital dynamometer further enhances physical therapy by enabling the physical therapist to quantify muscle force production. EasyForce offers the therapist the opportunity to remove themselves from the equation when taking muscle force measurements, ensuring accuracy and reducing the risk of therapist injury from counterbalancing patient produced muscle force.

Place the power of science in the palm of your hands by using the EasyAngle and EasyForce to quantify your patients progress!


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