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Occupational Therapy

Accurate measurement of body and equipment

Occupational therapists are tasked with measuring range of motion on the body and with measuring environmental aspects of the patients life such as ergonomics within the home or office and even wheelchair fit. EasyAngle allows the therapist to use the same device for body and environmental measurements. With accuracy to within one degree, the therapist can make precise adjustments that empower the patient.

Objectivity in measuring adjustments and therapeutic progress is simplified by EasyAngle. With the convenient design to fit a pocket, EasyAngle allows the therapist to easily perform assessments in clinic, at the office or in the patients home. The unique ability to measure flexion and rotation in both small and large joints makes this a great tool for Occupational therapists. The ability to measure against absolute zero is ideally suited to optimising ergonomics set-up.

Place the power of science in the palm of your hands!