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Digital Dynamometer - EasyForce®

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A digital dynamometer is a powerful tool in the hands of a specialists that assess muscle strength or other movement professional. The importance in documenting the progress of rehabilitation and monitoring patient/client status is increasing. By providing the ability to make precise (±1%) measurements of muscle force, the EasyForce digital dynamometer allows healthcare and sports professionals to easily perform baseline assessments and to monitor ongoing progress.

We deliver for free tracked worldwide in 2-8 days

30-day Satisfaction guarantee

Clinicaly proven

EasyForce is a digital dynamometer supported by clinical evidence. With several EasyForce studies completed and more underway, you can rest assured that you are using a device that confirms to the highest clinical standards. Insurance companies often require accurate measurements when assessing claims. With EasyForce, the process of taking these measurements is fast, consistent and reliable. Together with the efforts of researches around the globe, we tested the device for its validity, reliability and usability

Recommended by professionals

The EasyForce is an essential part of our practice for assessing strength deficits and making informed decisions for return to sport. We also appreciate the digital display on the unit itself and how fast it is to set up, use, and get immediate feedback.

Citizen athletics

To my knowledge, there has never been an easier and more accurate way to objectively assess someone’s strength. Thanks to the EasyForce, Manual Muscle Testing will soon be a thing of the past!

OTR/L, CHT / Co-Owner
The Upper Hand

Modern clinical practice requires fast and accurate assessments.
I use EasyForce to provide data on muscle symmetry and agonist/antagonist ratios so that I can better assess my clients.

EasyForce are innovative medical device that allows therapists and medical staff to measure the strength of all muscles in the body. It also allows for better patient feedback.

Torino Football Club

Meloq devices are some of the most innovative and easy to use products on the market for rehab practitioners like myself. My clinic will be using these to help bring patient care to the 21st century!

Free handed use

Easy to read display

Saves last 4 measurements

Big range of accessories

Accurate within 1%

Encourages patient success

Clinically proven

Time saving

Efficient workflow

EasyForce will improve your daily work for both you and your clients



Athletes are committed to carefully tracking their rehabilitation. Every incremental improvement counts, whereas goal setting is important not only for reaching their pre-injury potential but also for advancing beyond those limits.

Along the rehabilitation process, you are required to utilize tools and techniques supported by the most recent scientific evidence, while at the same time using your clinical reasoning that serves as a net for support in the decision-making. This is when objective, accurate, and clinically evaluated devices such as EasyForce come into play. The times when it was sufficient to merely observe the movement and “feel” that something is right or wrong are pretty much a thing of the past. Instead, the leaders in the field focus on measurable outcomes that aid the prevention screening procedures, treatment planning, return to sport assessment or evaluation.

At Meloq, we understand Isometric Muscle Strength Testing as a part of the battery of tests which sports performance and rehabilitation specialists use, which is why we designed EasyForce for quick and easy use, with immediate on-screen results offering 4 relevant parameters - Peak Force, Time-to-Peak Force, Time Under Tension and Average Force. This feature does wonders for making athletes understand where the plan and treatment are heading.

The experience of accredited sports physiotherapists and medical doctors teaches us that advantage of EasyForce is in its simplicity coupled with its functionality. If you are traveling or doing fieldwork, Easy Force’s lightweight, on-screen results, and easy interface that enables quick measurements is something you will value. EasyForce is designed as a pull-type, hand-held dynamometer. Its pull-type function improves its validity, and reliability saving your body from opposing force of large muscle groups.


Strength and performance coaches, sports coaches, and kinesiologists begin to realize the immense potential of implementing tech solutions as part of their assessment. Technology enables quantification of biomechanical parameters which are used together with other assessment parameters as part of the preventive screening, planning, return to sport testing or evaluation of training programs. With incremental goal-setting, the technology can aid smoother continuation of training programs, ultimately enhancing client retention, and minimizing dropout.

EasyForce is designed to do just that. It is a light and portable, hand-held, pull-type dynamometer, that enables quick and seamless assessment of the isometric muscle strength through four parameters – Peak Force, Average Force, Time-to-peak Force, and Time Under Tension. Its accuracy is remarkable, with only a 1% of error across the measurement range. There is a good reason why EasyForce features a display, and this is to allow you to immediately show the results to your clients, whether you are testing the agonist-antagonist or contralateral disbalances in force production. This small detail of being able to see the client’s reaction after a week of hard work will do wonders. The maximum force measured with the device is 150 kg (1471 N, or 330 Lbs), which is excellent for measuring unilateral muscle force production.

The pull-type function will spare you from using your own body against larger muscle groups, such as the ones involved in the hip or knee. One end of EasyForce is fixed, while the other is pulled by the client. This is also advantageous due to the accuracy of measurements, where eliminating the coach from the measurement contributes to pulling stability, and reinforces the confidence in the athlete producing larger force output. Other solutions on the market are either overly complicated and cumbersome to use, or on the other hand, cause significant recurring costs. We can confidently state that EasyForce delivers great value for an appropriate price that small or mid-size centers can afford without having to worry about future fees.


Traditionally method used in physiotherapy for quick estimation of muscle force is the Manual Muscle Test (MMT), which is due to its poor reliability and validity rapidly being replaced by the more objective and accurate measurements. The problem with MMT lies in the way it is performed. The therapist subjectively estimates the patients muscle force and grades it on a scale from 0 to 5 using manual resistance, without having insight or correlation to the actual force production. Thus, results of MMT can vary greatly depending on whom is performing it, which an increasing number of practitioners consider problematic. Upon referral to other therapists, there might be differences in subjective estimations, leading to poor knowledge transfer and communication regarding patients’ status. Nonetheless, estimating grades higher than 3 in athletic individuals is especially challenging, for example, opposing larger muscles such as the quadriceps or gluteus.

The problems of reliability, validity, and accuracy of MMT are solved by using EasyForce in your daily practice. EasyForce is a light, pull-type, and hand-held portable dynamometer. It is used to quantify 4 relevant parameters of isometric muscle force production. These include Peak Force, Time-to-peak Force, Time Under Tension, and Average Force. As it name says, it is easy to use and the set-up will take you less than 15 seconds. With attachments such as hand, wrist/ankle, thigh, or head, you can measure force production of all extremity and neck muscles.

EasyForce was carefully designed as a pull-type dynamometer to reassure minimum involvement of the therapist while the measurement is being performed. One attachment is fixed, while the other one is pulled by the patient. In this way, we secured that the measured force is exclusively produced by the client pulling the device, or, in other words, that you measure what you want to measure.

So, how does EasyForce contribute to the quality of your service? Firstly, patients love to see their results immediately shown to them. We have learned from hundreds of customers that actually patient motivation and goal setting are the leading attributes of EasyForce. Regardless of whether you are performing preventive screening, evaluating patients’ conditions before starting the therapy, following up, or evaluating treatment, you will find EasyForce useful. Other solutions on the market are either overly complicated and cumbersome to use, or on the other hand, cause significant recurring costs. We can confidently state that EasyForce delivers great value for an appropriate price small or mid-size centers can afford without having to worry about future fees.


If you are looking to improve the quality of your service and deliver more value to your clients, while at the same time differentiating your business from others, look no further. EasyForce is a portable, easy-to-use, hand-held dynamometer that measures isometric muscle force. Its simple interface and on-screen results will help you in safely testing 1 repetition maximum, test disbalances with left-right comparisons, and much more.

Hundreds of trainers and coaches successfully implemented our technology. One of the key benefits that set EasyForce aside lies in its ability to motivate your clients. Once the baseline assessment is set, you can incrementally track progress and set goals. Regardless of whether you are performing an initial assessment, treatment planning, follow-up, or evaluation of the strength training period, EasyForce will help you in quantifying the outcomes of your work. With incremental goal-setting, the technology can aid smoother continuation of training programs, ultimately enhancing client retention, and minimizing dropout.

EasyForce measures four relevant parameters including peak (maximum) force, average force, time under tension, as well as time-to-peak force. Its accuracy is remarkable, with only 1% of error across the whole measurement range. Its maximum measured force is 150 kg (1471 N, or 330 Lbs), which is shown to be excellent for measurements of all the major muscle groups of the extremities and neck. Other solutions on the market are either overly complicated and cumbersome to use, or on the other hand, cause significant recurring costs. We can confidently state that EasyForce delivers great value for an appropriate price small or mid-size centers can afford without having to worry about future fees.

Easy to use

  • Press the measurement button to enter measurement mode.
  • Start the measurement by either pressing the button again or by having the patient produce force.
  • The measurement will stop once the patient stops producing force or when the button is pressed once more.
  • Press the measurement button one last time to return to the history view where the last four measurements are shown.
Measurement Units Kg, Lbs, N
Results displayed Peak force, average force,time to peak force and time under tension.
History storage

4 measurements

Charge time

2 hours

Usage time

2 weeks (18 minutes usage/day)

Standby time

12 weeks

Sensor Accuracy

± 1% accuracy

Regulatory Status

Medical device class 1 (EU)

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident that you’ll love the EasyForce. Try it for 30 days, and in the unlikely event that you want to return it, we offer a refund of your order.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Alok Vashisth

awaited delivery, invoice not matching bank documents and few other reasons awaited

Suzanne de Jong
Easy Force

We love to work with the Easy Force!
Easy to adjust and a great way to test our patients.

Physiotherapist in Voorburg, the Netherlands

Angel Cabello
Digital Dynamometer - EasyForce

I am delighted with this dynamometer, it is easy and quick to use, which makes working with my clients much easier. I do not rule out buying another one in the future, since in certain cases, I use it as a training "machine".


Dr. Tanushree Pillay
Meloq Easy Force

The easy force is really simple to install and gives you the data you need. You are able to view the force max, the force mean , time of Measurement and time to peak force!

You are able to change the setup quickly to adapt positions for one muscle group to the next.

I highly recommend both devices and thank Meloq for the super service.

Gustavo Berrones Alfaro
Wonderfull experince

wonderfull experince

Sales team totally compromised whit his job, all of them very profesional. Excellent divices easyangle and easyforce are too usefull, im relly enjoy it

Thank you very much!

FT. Gustavo Berrones

San Luis Potosí, México

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