EasyAngle Standard Accessory Pack

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    Extremity, and head attachment for completely hands-free ROM assessment 


    • Headband
    • Extremity Bands (1x S, M, L)
    • Plastic Clip-on

    EasyAngle Standard Accessory Pack enables a completely hands-free Range of Motion assessment of extremities and head. It helps you additionally standardize measurements at your clinic/center. It improves measurement reliability by allowing you to focus on guiding the movement with both hands, at the same time making sure that there are no compensations, simply saying: that you measure what you really aim to measure. For example, now you can step back and observe the knee flexion degree while your client is squatting. 


    The Pack consists of improved elastic bands on one side coated with silicone. The silicone prevents the band from sliding. The bands are elastic and are made to fit any head or extremity size. The extremity bands come in 3 sizes (S, M, L). We also created a plastic part that attaches to the bottom of EasyAngle. The plastic part was designed so you can easily reposition EasyAngle from one measurement plane to the other.

    This simple, and efficient attachment transforms your EasyAngle into a CROM device, completely replacing the bulky and impractical traditional tools. We invite you to take a look at our study database that includes projects where EasyAngle is used for upper head flexion and rotation.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Curró Francesco (Hanover, DE)

    EasyAngle Standard Accessory Pack

    David Lauzurique (Hialeah, US)
    A lot of versatility !

    This is one of those products where you'll find TONS of ways to use them. I started using it for shoulder abduction ROM but then found more and more ways, and now all the straps sit at my desk during an eval, where I can quickly switch out to a new one based on what I 'm testing. Great accessory for the EasyForce

    Mihai Argaseala (Bucharest, RO)

    EasyAngle Standard Accessory Pack


    Everything you need!


    Makes goniometry easy and fun


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