Bridging the Gap Between Rehabilitation and Performance

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Bridging the Gap Between Rehabilitation and Performance

In the world of rehabilitation and sports performance, the Meloq ISOplate and EasyForce Performance products are redefining the standards of care and training. These devices uniquely bridge the gap from rehabilitation to peak physical performance, enabling professionals to elevate their clients well beyond the realm of 'normal function' and towards new peaks in their physical capabilities. This is especially important to the performing artists and athletes that I treat.


Easy Force Performance (300 Kg Limit) + Isoplate


The application of these devices in evidence-based testing is particularly noteworthy. For instance, the Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull (IMTP) is closely correlated with vertical jump height, offering valuable insights into an athlete's explosive power. Similarly, the Iso push-up reflects an athlete's bench press capabilities, bridging the gap between testing and real-world strength application. This allows testing in the absence of costly and space-consuming equipment that some practitioners may not have access to. Furthermore, as isometrics are less likely to injure recovering athletes, these tests allow us to safely get valuable data on progress throughout their training.


Isometric Mid-thigh Pull (IMTP)
Single Leg Deadlift


Another example of versatility is evident in tests like the Single Leg Deadlift, which helps us assess single-leg power – a key component in many sports, particularly in activities like tricking. This adaptability highlights Meloq's commitment to addressing a wide spectrum of athletic and therapeutic needs.


Daniel Napolitano, Tricking Athlete 


Beyond their application, what sets these devices apart is the speed and clarity of the results they provide. Athletes no longer have to wait to see their improvements; the immediacy of feedback not only aids in faster progression but also significantly boosts motivation. This real-time application of results to their specific sports contexts is both rewarding and inspiring for athletes.


Real-time measurement of the Isometric Front Squat (rotated 90 degrees)


For clinicians, the metrics available – such as average and peak force, time to peak, and total time under tension – offers a comprehensive toolkit for evaluation. These measurements allow a deeper understanding of an athlete's force, power, and endurance, paving the way for interventions that are both targeted and effective.

In the current landscape of sports performance, the importance of objective data cannot be overstated. The ISOplate and Easy Force Performance provide clinicians and trainers with precise tools to track progress over time, emphasizing a more measurable approach to training and rehabilitation. This shift towards data-driven methodologies marks a significant advancement in how we approach physical conditioning and recovery, ensuring interventions are not only based on empirical evidence but also tailored to the unique needs and goals of each individual.


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Neil Toussaint, PT, DPT, cert DN is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, tricking athlete, stuntman and owner of TrickStrong, LLC. TrickStrong helps athletes and artists get back to doing what they love, optimizing their health, performance and longevity along the way. Dr. Toussaint is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. Learn more at and


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