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Are you studying Digital Content Design and looking for an exciting internship in a growing industry? Look at this!

Meloq is currently looking for you who are studying Digital Content Design and who are interested in doing internships at a fast-growing company operating in the international market.

During your internship at Meloq, you will work with Meloq's strategic marketing  for their medical devices. Together with the sales manager, you will have the opportunity to deliver content to several different platforms, all with the aim of strengthening Meloq's brand and increasing sales.

You will work with Meloq's two products EasyAngle as well as EasyForce which is aimed at personal trainers, professional sports coaches, chiropractors, physiotherapists as well as other professional practitioners in mobility and strength. It's an exciting industry where the market is growing, and the need for eye-catching and engaging content on new platforms is constantly increasing. You will therefore have great opportunities to be creative, innovative and initiative during your internship.

About the internship
During your internship you will have the opportunity to work with digital print and videos. You will produce content that is both static, dynamic and mobile. It is therefore an advantage if you are comfortable with both text, images and videos and software for it. Furthermore, you will also get to help produce material both from scratch and customize already existing material.

The internship includes:
  • Produce audience-friendly material that is tailored to the current channel
  • Together with the sales manager develop and deliver;
  • Campaign content for social media and digital advertising
  • Dynamic, static and video material for media campaigns
  • Organic content for social media
    About you
    You have a high interest in design and marketing.
    Interest in gaining experience working in a startup.
    Of course, you have an eye for what really good design is and are passionate about creating. 

    • Ongoing studies in Digital Content Design or similar
    • Knowledge of developing concepts and materials for social media and other digital channels
    • Knowledge of producing different types of materials digitally, such as banners and newsletters
    • Good knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite or equivalent software
    • Speaks and writes good Swedish and English
      What Meloq can offer you:
      • At Meloq, we want you to develop in the direction that suits you during your internship. You therefore have a great opportunity to influence your internship with us based on your experience and knowledge
      • Possibility of extra work after completion of internship
      • Experience of working in a startup operating in the international market
      • Try working in an exciting and growing industry
        More about Meloq
        We are a Swedish medical technology company with the goal of improving patient outcomes through groundbreaking feedback systems. We focus our solutions on the needs of healthcare professionals and sports staff and strive to produce products that help them save time while objectifying their work. Our products are created in close collaboration with experts mainly in rehabilitation and sports.
        Meloq was founded by five engineers, who, in close collaboration with physiotherapists, identified the need for more accurate measurements for common range of motion at a Health Hack competition in Sweden. After the creation of the first concept EasyAngle, the team decided to continue the development as a side project. In 2016, Meloq was accepted into the STING incubator program, shortly afterwards and received regulatory approval to launch the first product.
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        How to apply
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