Press Release – EasyForce Launched

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Press Release – EasyForce Launched

Stockholm, Sweden – Meloq today announced that they will launch their next product, EasyForce, on 2020-09-01. This game changing device will make it possible for physiotherapists worldwide to objectively measure force allowing them to better follow rehabilitation progress, assess status and prevent relapse. Meloq has received great interest ahead of launch and has hundreds of pre-orders waiting.

Assessment of strength is one of the most important and common assessments made in physiotherapy. However, today physiotherapists do this MMT assessment routinely using their hands to “feel” how strong the patient is. Of obvious reasons this method has limited reliability and can also lead to injury for the physiotherapist who needs to push back on the patient, sometimes in not so ergonomic positions. These issues are addressed by EasyForce that will provide quantitative, fast and objective measurements of strength that are not dependent on the physical strength of the physiotherapist. Another benefit of this is that the hands of the physiotherapist will be free to guide and support the patient. EasyForce is a force sensor that can be attached to e.g. a treatment table and the patient, how it is attached depends on which muscle that is tested. This makes the test more objective and also makes it possible to test a wider range of muscles.

“At Meloq we strive to bring physiotherapy forward by helping the physiotherapists measure the outcome of their interventions” says Rui Chen, CTO. “We believe that measurement is a requirement for improvement. In most medical professions objective and quantitative measurements are taken for granted but physiotherapy has fallen behind. We want to change that and give physiotherapists the same tools as other medical professionals making it easier for them to help their patients.”

Assessment of strength is also vital in many other fields, such as fitness and ergonomics. Meloq looks forward to serving customers working in those fields as well and hopes that EasyForce will contribute not only to better healthcare but also better health.

The company name is and has always been Meloq, but on social media we have used EasyAngle to market our product EasyAngle. But now that we are starting the sale of EasyForce, we will switch to Meloq and MeloqDevices on our social media to better meet our product range.


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