EasyAngle – Cervical flexion validation study

  • , by Jerker Skogby
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EasyAngle – Cervical flexion validation study

Meloq is happy to report that yet another study performed on and with the EasyAngle digital goniometer has yielded great results.

“Concurrent validity was strong with an ICC (2,1) of 0.97 for ROM to either side (95%CI = 0.95–0.98). Bland Altman Plots revealed a mean difference between measurement systems of 0.5° for the left and 0.11° for the right side.

The inter-rater ICC (2,1) was 0.66 (95%CI 0.47–0.79, p <  0.001, SEM 6.6°), indicating good reliability. The limits of agreement were between 10.25° and − 11.89°, the mean difference between both raters was − 0.82°. Intra-rater reliability for the measurement of ROM during the FRT was between 0.96 (ICC 3,1) for rater 1 and 0.94 (ICC 3,1) for rater 2.”

The study can be found in whole here.


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