Creators of EasyAngle launch web-shop

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Creators of EasyAngle launch web-shop

Swedish company Meloq AB, creators of EasyAngle have launched a new web-shop for online sales of their innovative EasyAngle digital goniometer. EasyAngle was launched by Meloq in October 2016 and has been sold in over twenty countries through an extensive network of distributors. The web-shop expands availability to even more countries.

Used by physical therapists to measure range of motion, the EasyAngle device provides more functionality than a simple goniometer. In fact, EasyAngle replaces multiple traditional devices including both large and small goniometers, inclinometers, scoliometers, BROM (back range of motion) devices and CROM (cervical range of motion) devices.

The device has an inertial measurement unit allowing for measurement against absolute zero, a feature that empowers physical therapists to quickly and easily perform measurements that were previously not possible without expensive video monitoring equipment. The ability to measure the spine in all directions makes EasyAngle a powerful tool when dealing with scoliosis, where it is possible to measure the cobb angle in just two simple clicks.

New Applications for EasyAngle

Having launched as a physical therapy device, EasyAngle’s use cases have expanded to many additional applications including Veterinary, Chiropractic, Osteopathic, Occupational Therapy, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Structural Integration, Podiatry, Bike fitting, Sports Performance and Rehab, Personal Training and  Yoga teaching. In all applications, EasyAngle is used to measure baseline and progress of patients as they go through rehabilitation.

creators of EasyAngle launch web-shop

EasyAngle for that extra edge in sports 

In the field of sports, EasyAngle is used to assess athletic range of motion with a view to increasing sports performance. Used by professional football, soccer, hockey and rugby teams in multiple countries as well as with individual athletes at olympic and world championship level, EasyAngle’s reliable measurements are helping therapists and sports trainers to identify areas of potential improvement for athletes in order to maximise their potential.


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