Come see EasyAngle at the Foot and Ankle Show

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Come see EasyAngle at the Foot and Ankle Show

Make sure to come see EasyAngle at the Foot and Ankle Show in Liverpool 11th to 12th of October where our UK Distributor Gait and Motion Technology will be showcasing the device. The Foot and Ankle show is the event where practitioners , educators and manufacturers come together. The show informs, influences and shines a light on the innovation changing how care is delivered. The Gait and Motion team are proud to be the Premium Sponsors of the event, supporting innovation and best practice in Foot and Ankle Health. You can find them at Stand 43 or attend one of our Workshops entitled ‘The Future Is Now: Footscan & Phits 3D Printed Orthotics.”.

Gait and Motion Technology offer cutting edge Biomechanics Solutions for Private Clinics, Research and Elite Sport throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland. With over 20 years of experience working alongside their partners RSscan International, RS Print, Phits Insoles, BTS Bioengineering and of course Meloq, they offer an comprehensive technology portfolio which is complimented by their unique technical and clinical support service.

You can buy tickets to the show online. You can get in touch with the Gait and Motion Technology team to pre-arrange an EasyAngle demo.

EasyAngle in Podiatry

Did you know that EasyAngle can be used to measure any joint in any direction? This includes foot measurements which makes EasyAngle an ideal tool for a Podiatry and a great compliment to the products sold by Gait and Motion Technology. Unlike traditional ROM measurement tools, EasyAngle can be used with just one hand, leaving a hand free to support the patient. EasyAngle provides the measurement in just two clicks and is accurate to within one degree.

Measure Cobb angle on scoliosis

The Published Study  

You can download the Foot ROM brochure for more information. If you can’t make it to the Foot and Ankle show and would like to see a demonstration of EasyAngle, join one of our online interactive demonstrations where you will have the opportunity to learn more about EasyAngle and ask any open questions you may have.

Place the power of science in the palm of your hands with EasyAngle!


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