Come see EasyAngle at Fysioterapi 2019 in Stockholm

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Come see EasyAngle at Fysioterapi 2019 in Stockholm

Make sure to come see EasyAngle at Fysioterapi 2019 in Stockholm from 23rd to 25th of October at the Waterfront Congress Centre. Our Swedish Distributor Medema will be showcasing the device at booth C8. Fysioterapi is the biggest Physiotherapy event in Sweden where practitioners , educators and manufacturers come together. The show includes 23 symposia, 13 workshops, 12 full-day trainings, 6 inspirational lectures, 2 half-day trainings, 45 short lectures and a poster exhibition with 102 posters.

Medema is a company that is driven by understanding their customers needs and developing solutions that contribute to better business, health and well-being. They offer a complete and highly selective range of products and services for physiotherapy, rehabilitation training and hospital beds.

You can register for the event here. You can get in touch with the Medema team to pre-arrange an EasyAngle demo.

EasyAngle in Physiotherapy

Did you know that EasyAngle can be used to measure all joints in the body? This includes measuring the spine in all directions and can even be used to find the cobb angle on a scoliosis. This makes EasyAngle an ideal tool for a Physiotherapy and a great compliment to the products sold by Medema. Unlike traditional ROM measurement tools, EasyAngle can be used with just one hand, leaving a hand free to support the patient. EasyAngle provides the measurement in just two clicks and is accurate to within one degree.

Measure Cobb angle on scoliosis

Download the EasyAngle Measurement Poster

You can download the EasyAngle Measurement Poster to see some of the measurements that are possible with EasyAngle along with the normative ranges for each measurement. If you can’t make it to the Fysioterapi show and would like to see a demonstration of EasyAngle, join one of our online interactive demonstrations where you will have the opportunity to learn more about EasyAngle and ask any open questions you may have.


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