Come see EasyAngle at CSM 2020 in Denver

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Come see EasyAngle at CSM 2020 in Denver

Make sure to come see EasyAngle at CSM 2020 in Denver from 13th to 15th of Feb at the Colorado Convention Centre. One of our US distributors, Mojility, will be showcasing the device at booth 1840. CSM is one of the biggest Physiotherapy events in USA organised by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).  The show will have over 13,000 attendees from over 30 countries. With over 350 speciality-specific sessions, 50+ pre-conference programs and over 1,000 poster presentations, it is an amazing opportunities for Physical Therapists to find out more about the latest and greatest treatments and technologies.

You can register for the event here. You can book an EasyAngle demo and we can show you how to use EasyAngle to take many measurements.

Research Poster featuring EasyAngle

One of the research posters being presented at CSM features EasyAngle. The research, conducted at the University of Kentucky by Professor Tim Uhl and his team, validates EasyAngle versus 3D video monitoring for measuring scapular mobility during arm elevation in all three planes. This is particularly interesting as there is currently no method for accurately measuring scapular motion in the transverse plane in a typical clinical setting. This makes EasyAngle a very unique device as it enables therapists to accurately quantify transverse plane motion.

Measure Cobb angle on scoliosis

Visit the Poster Presentation

The poster presentation will take place on Friday 14th February between 13:00 and 15:00. Make sure not to miss the valuable opportunity to speak with the researchers and to find out more about the study. You can watch the poster videos online giving you see an insight into how the measurements are performed. We will also share some new measurement videos in the coming weeks that explain in more detail the procedure for taking these measurements.


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