Canine Research - Alternative EasyForce Application

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Canine Research - Alternative EasyForce Application

Written by Dillon Pittman OTR/L - Co-Owner, The Upper Hand LLC

“Being multifaceted saves you the trouble of hiring a lot of extra people.” I once read this quote by media journalist Germany Kent, and I feel that this principle applies to good products, as well: if you have a versatile product, it can eliminate the need to purchase several other products to serve the same functions. Using one quality product for multiple applications enables a user to be more resourceful and efficient in the expenditure of their time.

I recently had a PhD student from the UK reach out to the Upper Hand after seeing us highlight the Meloq Easy Force on our social media accounts. This student was developing his dissertation on certain aspects of canine behavior, and he wanted to inquire about some of the features of the EasyForce. In
short, he was interested in obtaining pull force measurements of dogs on leashes and wanted to know if the EasyForce would be a tool he could use. While I am no expert on the Easy Force, I directed him to our friends at Meloq who developed this amazing tool to help answer his questions. I was, however, able to provide him with some information I had from first-hand experience with the EasyForce. I explained to him that this device automatically detects and saves the peak muscle force applied, taking the guess work out of obtaining reliable force measurements. Additionally, Easy Force saves the most recent
measurements taken. Essentially, this provides a memory bank for when a person needs to record several measurements in a row.

So, whether a therapist needs to obtain force measurements in the clinic, or a PhD student needs a way to measure pull force from dogs on a leash, the Easy Force is proving to be a versatile tool that provides reliable, quantifiable, and usable force data – both in traditional and non-traditional applications! I hope
this student was able to utilize and enjoy the features of the Easy Force as much as our therapists have in the clinic.

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