Advancing Athletic Recovery with the Meloq Easy Angle

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Advancing Athletic Recovery with the Meloq Easy Angle

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Written by Neil Toussaint, PT, DPT

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy in the performing arts space, every day requires a unique blend of science and creativity. My clientele, ranging from daring stunt performers to graceful acrobats and dedicated parkour athletes, bring forth challenges that demand precise, tailored interventions. Each performer has a unique skillset and requirements for their craft that go beyond the norm. My job is to not only understand those requirements, but to help clients bridge the gap from where they are to where they need to be. Enter the Meloq Easy Angle, a digital goniometer that has become an integral part of my process.

Jeremy Price, Tricking Athlete


One of the key aspects of recovery and performance enhancement is the ability to track progress quickly, accurately and objectively. The Meloq Easy Angle allows for precise measurement of joint angles, a vital metric in assessing mobility and flexibility. For example, a stunt performer recovering from an ankle sprain may have difficulty landing jumps and pivoting when they throw kicks. An assessment of the  the Easy Angle will show where they are lacking in their ankle mobility. Using this information, we can tailor our plan towards the motions in their ankle that they need to work on.

Assessing Ankle ROM using the EasyAngle


I find that this device not only aids in marking progress but also in instilling a sense of achievement in my clients. A tricking athlete, for example, could visually see the improvement in their knee flexion post MCL sprain, creating a motivating environment for continual progress.

Assessing knee ROM using the EasyAngle


The Easy Angle has seamlessly integrated into my practice, offering precision and motivation while ensuring each intervention is as effective as possible. It aids me in providing a nuanced, data-driven approach to rehabilitation, bridging the gap between science and the performing arts.


About the Author

Neil Toussaint, PT, DPT, cert DN is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, tricking athlete, stuntman and owner of TrickStrong, LLC. TrickStrong helps athletes and artists get back to doing what they love, optimizing their health, performance and longevity along the way. Dr. Toussaint is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. Learn more at and


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