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    We have carefully selected accessories which enable you to perform muscle force measurements in the most accurate way. These attachments are designed for each of the body parts you want to attach the EasyForce to, and include one wrist/ankle strap, one hand grip, one long strip with numbers, and one door attachment. The numbered strap allows you to set the exact same length each time you repeat a measurement, ensuring you have the same conditions throughout your rehabilitation program.

    The benefit of using the chosen attachments opposed to alternatives is creating the measurement standard, which enhances understanding, repeatability and validity of the results across our customer base. However, if needed EasyForce can be used with other non-standard accessories of your choice.

    EasyForce Standard Accessories Pack includes:

    One wrist/ankle strap
    One hand grip
    One long strap with numbers
    One door attachment

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Donald Charbonneau (Sainte-Julie, CA)

    Cette appareil facilite beaucoup mon travail. Je suis très satisfait

    Customer (Hialeah, US)
    Nice accessory pack

    We snagged this pack to help us with measurement sin the clinic. The numbers on the strap is genius, as it helps us set a dedicated number we always set it to so that we can get consistent measurements. Ankle and wrist straps are probably used the most often, especially when testing knee flexion/extension strength where we strap it onto the ankle. Door strap has been great during home physical therapy sessions, and the handle is a great quality for shoulder and arm testing.

    Jozsef Bodis (Oradea, RO)
    Feedback from Romania

    We are very satisfied with the purchased products.
    We recommend with confidence Meloqdevices, quality products and quick delivery.

    Denislav Ivanov (Sofia, BG)
    Device Review from a doctor of Physical Therapy

    To who it may concern,
    Massive thank you for the great quality product. Simple, yet effective tool that helps me a lot, in terms of keeping record of my patients' progress. More importantly , the patients themselfs are extremely happy to see their progression with each treatment session. Quantitative results really back me up in terms of my treatment assessment and data analysis for each and every patient. Thank you Meloq Devices! You Rock!

    Dr. Denislav Ivanov (PhD) in physical therapy and rehab.


    Never got my order


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