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Quantifying the benefits of yoga asana

Yoga, originating in India, has been traditionally practiced by Indian men for millennia, having only been brought to the Western world in the last century. Alignment is a key aspect of yoga that can be hard to visually gauge. Westerners have been sitting on chairs and spending long hours at desks for generations leaving their joints stiffer and less flexible. Yoga teachers often work with clients to increase range of motion in an effort to restore agility.

The prescription of asanas that are to be consistently practiced can result in substantial improvements in flexibility, however; it is difficult for teachers to quantify these improvements. With EasyAngle, yoga teachers are empowered to make accurate baseline assessments and to measure the clients progress over time. When on patients undergoing rehabilitation, EasyAngle provides greater visibility into the patient  status and can help to increase patient engagement by clearly displaying their range of motion.

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