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As a personal trainer, you work with clients to improve fitness while increasing strength and maintaining flexibility. Assessing the clients current status and progress over time is optimised by using EasyAngle. You can easily evaluate the clients’ range of motion giving them valuable data to help them achieve their goals. You can also ensure that your clients are performing the exercises in the right way, by measuring the degree of their joint mobility in which they perform the exercise. This can be done in order to not overstrain the joint, or motivate the client to expand their range of motion in certain exercises, proving that they can go beyond their perceived limits.

EasyAngle also allows effective quantification of the body’s postural alignment in which the exercises are performed, making sure that the clients don’t overuse one side of their body more than the other. With the help of EasyAngle you can therefore make sure that your clients perform the exercises in the correct manner, giving them long-term benefits and minimising the risk for injury.

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