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Producing fast, accurate ROM measurements

A digital goniometer for orthopedics proves to be a very useful tool, especially from a time saving perspective. Orthopedic surgeons work on average 60 hours per week sometimes seeing 30+ patients in a single day, which makes time a limiting factor. Orthopedics rely heavily on the ability to measure range of motion both pre and post surgery. Traditional tools are time consuming and difficult to read. EasyAngle empowers the Orthopedic surgeon to take measurements in just two simple clicks. Cervical rotation, flexion, lordosis, kyphosis and even scoliosis can be measured quickly and efficiently.

An additional benefit to using the EasyAngle digital goniometer for orthopedics comes with the ability to measure the Cobb angle, a measurement that is typically performed via X-ray. In the case of idiopathic adolescent scoliosis, a condition that mostly effects girls. The patient will undergo many X-rays during her lifetime, exposing her delicate breast tissues to excessive unnecessary radiation. With EasyAngle, there is no need for X-ray as the cobb angle can be found in just two simple clicks, saving time, saving money and good for the patient.

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