Project Description

Digital Goniometer for Structural Integration

Empowering therapists to quantify postural changes

A digital goniometer for structural integration is a tool that enhances the outcomes by providing accurate measurements. Posture has become dysfunctional over the past decades with the increase in long hours sitting at a desk combined with the rise in smartphone use where people look down more than before. There are many different professionals who specialise in postural realignment, such as structural integrators or “rolfers“. The professionals have had to depend on “eyeballing” during assessments leaving room for a substantial margin of error. By using a digital goniometer for structural integration, nothing is left to chance with the patient being assessed with precision.

With EasyAngle, we empower therapists to perform quantitive postural assessments. By quantifying angles of reference in all three orthogonal planes, it becomes easier to measure tilt, shift and rotation in the body.  Measurements can be taken from absolute zero due to the device having an inertial measurement unit. EasyAngle takes each measurement in just two clicks, leaving time to focus on improving the state of muscular and skeletal balance in the patient, protecting them from progressive deformity.

Place the power of science in the palm of your hands by using a goniometer when performing structural integration and postural realignment!

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goniometer for structural integration
goniometer for structural integration