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What can we say about Meloq? We are a Swedish medical technology company with the goal of improving patient outcomes by pioneering feedback systems. We focus our solutions on the needs of healthcare and sports professionals, striving to produce products that help them to save time while objectifying their work. Our products are created in close collaboration with experts primarily in rehabilitation and sports. Meloq products are also focusing on animal rehabilitation on the Veterinary side and on helping cyclists, both professional and amateur, to optimise their performance on the bike by aiding proper bike fit for their specific body.

Our Story

Meloq was established by five engineers, who, in close collaboration with physiotherapists, identified the need for more accurate measurements for joint range of motion at a Health Hack competition in Sweden. Following the creation of the first concept of EasyAngle, the team decided to continue its development as a side project. In 2016, Meloq was accepted to the STING incubator program, promptly afterwards, receiving the regulatory approval to launch the first product.

The Meloq team thought long and hard about finding ways to help improve patient outcomes. They discovered that patient compliance with exercise was one of the greatest challenges in physiotherapy. One way to motivate the patient is to measure the patients progress in a way that can show them at every step what their status is. Therefore, the team created a digital goniometer to measure range of motion.

A goniometer in itself is a useful device but the traditional plastic has many drawbacks. In order to make the EasyAngle digital goniometer more useful, it was designed to measure more than just the standard flexion and extension measurements. Other traditional tools, such as the inclinometer, scoliometer, BROM and CROM devices are cumbersome to use and expensive. EasyAngle replaces all these devices and enables fast and accurate measurements in just two simple clicks.

Currently, EasyAngle is used by physical therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, veterinarians, sports trainers, fitness professionals, yoga teachers and bike fitters in over 30 countries worldwide. Several more products within rehabilitation and sports are currently under development.

Our Team


Our vision is to be the pioneer of innovative measurement technology to objectify healthcare and sports, improving patient outcomes.
Our mission is to create a professional dynamic workplace with an empowered team that follows a focused strategy and earns customer respect, while ensuring sustained growth.

Meloq creators of EasyAngle digital goniometer


At Meloq, we give you the tools, environment and opportunities to grow both professionally and personally while empowering you to take responsibility for your success. With Meloq you have the chance to develop and grow as an individual, regardless of age and experience.

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